International Development

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As a corporate intelligence company with a strong expertise in information gathering and analysis, COSA participates in international development projects aimed at increasing the transparency of shady processes that corrupt democratic societies and harm international security mechanisms. We specialize in research, analysis and advisory on anti-corruption matters, good governance, business transparency, foreign markets, regional security issues and policy making with a focus on the Baltic-Black Sea region.

We see corruption as a factor that negatively affects the security system at both national and international levels, and our task is to analyse and highlight the processes that are subject to corruption and have a negative impact on democratic developments in different regions of the world with a focus on the Baltic-Black Sea region. We apply system analysis to research of corruption, considering the comprehensiveness of this negative phenomenon, and as such we focus our research on business and economic matters, political and socio-cultural aspects, military and information security spheres.



International development experts



Financial market expert – formerly head of department at the Ministry of Finance, formerly senior expert in USAID and EU projects.


Transition economy expert – formerly deputy head of the National Bank.


Business diplomacy expert with extensive knowledge in international relations as well as conflict and peace studies connected to Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Central Asian Region.


International military sales expert – formerly an analyst in the field of the practical aspects of arms trade involved in projects across Europe, CIS, Africa, Asia and Latin America.


Top-grade experts in countering financial crime with a focus on the CEE, FSU, the Middle East and South Asia.


National and regional security expert – formerly first deputy director of the Institute of problems of national security, formerly (until 2003) acting head of the Foreign Intelligence Service.


Military expert – formerly a senior officer in the Ministry of Defence, formerly officer of the NATO-led Multinational Security Assistance Forces in Afghanistan and participant of the Anti-Terrorist Operation in the East of Ukraine.


Analysts holding a PhD degree.


We believe that international cooperation is a must in projects meant to destabilise democratic societies through corrupt practices, and for this reason we joined forces with a UK-based financial crime investigations firm Lumyn Associates.

COSA and Lumyn Associates is an alliance of the unique blend of complementary analytical and investigative skill sets and professional experience in the wide range of sectors and jurisdictions aimed at providing robust and practical solutions in an ever-changing environment.

As the “new normal” approaches, international organisations are seeking sustainable governance and regional security solutions for the benefit of businesses and broader society impacted by uncertainty, excessive information flows and lack of transparency.

Advanced information gathering techniques, daily anti-corruption monitoring, deep knowledge of financial crime issues and regional expertise makes our Alliance an invaluable partner in sophisticated international development projects.

The solutions we provide to governments, NGOs, philanthropic endeavours and other stakeholders:

  • Large-scale research projects
  • Policy making analytical assistance
  • Advice on good governance
  • Legislation analysis
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Risk assessment and investigations

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Cooperation with the Academy of Financial Monitoring

COSA has signed an official memorandum of cooperation with the Academy of Financial Monitoring (under the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine). The memorandum covers a number of joint initiatives in order to strengthen the research and analytical potential of the parties, promote scientific cooperation and practical implementation of developments in the spheres of anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism.

Cooperation with the Academy of Financial Monitoring

Bureau on Anticorruption and Commercial Crime of the International Chamber of Commerce

The Eastern European Bureau on Anti-corruption and Commercial Crime (BACC) of the International Chamber of Commerce is operating on the base of COSA, with COSA’s Managing Partner being the Director of the Bureau. The purpose of the Bureau is to implement comprehensive measures to prevent economic crimes and corruption, as well as to promote secure and compliant international trade.

Some of the tools available to ICC members are:

  • Integrity Due Diligence on third parties
  • Country risk research and analysis
  • GR assistance within the ICC network
Bureau on Anticorruption and Commercial Crime of the International Chamber of Commerce