• Know more than others

    Transform actionable information we offer into the competitive advantage you need to be ahead of the curve and protect your business
    Know more than others
  • Risk Assessment

    Insights, knowledge and methodology that lets you get the most valuable information to enter and operate in markets with high potential of development
    Risk Assessment
  • Integrity and Compliance

    Sanctions, Corruption & Bribery, Regulatory breaches, Health & Safety violations. Doing business internationally requires insight into compliance, integrity and reputational risks you face when dealing with third parties abroad
    Integrity and Compliance
  • Asset searches

    Advanced investigative methods let us trace hidden assets of different types in multiple jurisdictions
    Asset searches

Building trust through intelligence

About COSA

COSA is a corporate intelligence firm providing intelligence solutions for international businesses that care about security, compliance, integrity and business continuity
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Our mission

Our mission is to help businesses navigate uncertain environments and provide companies with information that allows them to grow successfully and confidently, regardless of any changes in the environment.
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Our solutions

Our products and services aim at helping international clients enter and safely operate in new markets, understand particularities of certain environments, build beneficial partnerships and avoid cooperating with untrustworthy third parties abroad.
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Our standards

All professional activities are conducted to the highest standards of client confidentiality, and in full compliance with international law, ethics and corporate social responsibility.
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